DUST, 2012

Exquisite Corpse, commission for the Arts by the Sea Festival, Shelley Park, Bournemouth. 2012.

‘Dust’ was initially produced as a series of photographic works that continued a practice of working with representations of landscapes and studio detritus. In this instance postcards, travel guides and other tourist literature were used together with dust and grit from the studio floor to construct other-wordly images that appeared to sit somewhere between landscapes imagined through a microscope and satellite photographs of earth. Initially intended as an alternative series of works for the exhibition Drawing Lines in the Sand, (see below), these images were reworked as a narrated animation, commissioned by Arts Festival by the Sea in 2012. The animation used a number of the photographic works in sequences that followed the narration of George Bataille’s short text ‘Dust’, (translated by Isabelle Waldberg and Iain White in Encyclopaedia Acephalica: Comprising the Critical Dictionary and Related Texts, and published by Atlas Books in1995). The animation took the images in quite a different direction, drawing greater attention to the matter that makes up the landscape.

Landscape Objects


Drawing Lines in the Sand, Peloton Gallery (Off-Site Projects), Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Australia

‘Travelling Landscape-Objects’ are a series of works that take their title from the work of geographer Veronica della Dora. Della Dora’s interest is in the way that objects bearing graphic landscape representations shape our geographical imagination, particularly through material encounter, rather than just their potency as culturally-mediated images. The works were produced for the show Drawing Lines in the Sand in 2012, an off-site project curated by Claire Taylor and the Peleton Gallery in Sydney, Australia. The works were exhibited on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour, as part of a show that brought together a number of artists whose work reflected “conditions of interiority and exteriority”, and a “geographic imaginary particular to the Island Continent.” The works I produced were, in part, an attempt to find a connection to a landscape that I only knew through the gifts and tourist ephemera that would return with my grandmother on visits to see her daughter—my aunt.



Borderlands, Text + Work Gallery, Bournemouth.
Artsway Open 2008, Artsway, Sway, Hampshire.
Intro Space, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth.

The series Latitudes and Cardinals were both created as part of a joint exhibition with Tom Hall, Lee Mackinnon and Frank Brown. Tom and myself produced visual works, Lee and Frank produced short stories and reflections on borders and bordering. These particular works evolved from detritus already in the studio—the matter left over from incomplete projects, ideas, and test pieces, which became taken up into a series of romantic vignettes around islands. The images imagined these small, apparently discrete, piles of material as isolated outposts. In part they are also reflections on the negotiation of space in which to create work.


NADIR, 2008

Temples to the Domestic II, Clifford Chance, London.
Borderlands, Text + Work Gallery, Bournemouth.

Nadir was also created as part of a joint exhibition with Tom Hall, Lee Mackinnon and Frank Brown. This work took the idea of the island that had developed in the Latidudes series and attempted to reimagine it on a larger scale.

North West Passage

NORTH WEST PASSAGE, 2006 (ongoing)

Borderlands, Text + Work Gallery, Bournemouth.

North West Passage is an ongoing body of work. Over a thousand small origami boats made from school atlases and maps.