The Hunt
A Ship Aground
The Colonel
The Hanged Man
The Motherless Foal
The Woodsman
The Young Lovers
The Chase
The Dawn Chorus


Drawing Lines in the Sand, Peloton Gallery (Off-Site Projects), Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Australia

‘Travelling Landscape-Objects’ are a series of works that take their title from the work of geographer Veronica della Dora. Della Dora’s interest is in the way that objects bearing graphic landscape representations shape our geographical imagination, particularly through material encounter, rather than just their potency as culturally-mediated images. The works were produced for the show Drawing Lines in the Sand in 2012, an off-site project curated by Claire Taylor and the Peleton Gallery in Sydney, Australia. The works were exhibited on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour, as part of a show that brought together a number of artists whose work reflected “conditions of interiority and exteriority”, and a “geographic imaginary particular to the Island Continent.” The works I produced were, in part, an attempt to find a connection to a landscape that I only knew through the gifts and tourist ephemera that would return with my grandmother on visits to see her daughter—my aunt.