Exquisite Corpse, commission for the Arts by the Sea Festival, Shelley Park, Bournemouth. 2012.

‘Dust’ was initially produced as a series of photographic works that continued a practice of working with representations of landscapes and studio detritus. In this instance postcards, travel guides and other tourist literature were used together with dust and grit from the studio floor to construct other-wordly images that appeared to sit somewhere between landscapes imagined through a microscope and satellite photographs of earth. Initially intended as an alternative series of works for the exhibition Drawing Lines in the Sand, (see below), these images were reworked as a narrated animation, commissioned by Arts Festival by the Sea in 2012. The animation used a number of the photographic works in sequences that followed the narration of George Bataille’s short text ‘Dust’, (translated by Isabelle Waldberg and Iain White in Encyclopaedia Acephalica: Comprising the Critical Dictionary and Related Texts, and published by Atlas Books in1995). The animation took the images in quite a different direction, drawing greater attention to the matter that makes up the landscape.